The 2015 season has finally started! New videos, releases, sneak peeks hit the interwebs almost every day. One of the first manufacturer to release a new lineup for spring was Rayne Longboards, our favorite Canadian company. They added sick new graphics to their Slide and Gateway series, as well as the Darkside series which they also updated with wheelwells by popular demand. We reached out and asked some questions about the 2015 Spring lineup as well as what the Summer might bring. Stoked to share answers from Rayne's very own Mike Rutter!

Photo: Daddies Boardshop

Spring usually brings some tweaks and updates to the Rayne lineup while new boards come later in the season. Others like Landyachtz start the new year all in, showing off their whole yearly lineup. Is this a conscious decision from Rayne?


Yep! We have just released our spring 2015 decks, which include a new look for the Demonseed, Nemesis, Reaper, and Vendetta, and some design and graphic tweaks to the Darkside Series! We typically don't let the cat out of the bag all at once at the beginning of each year, so that would be a reasoning for that :)


Photo: Switchback Longboards

This spring we see not only new graphics, but a new graphic direction on the boards (the Darkside series' graphics complete each other, the new Nemmy-Demonseed-Vendetta line, new slide series...) what was the art concept for these?


We went with something a little different for 2015, and like you said, the first releases of 2015 definitely compliment each other and have a bit more of a "series" feel! Typically, boards in a series had been tied together by the topsheet design, but we switched it up this year to have the Bottom graphic do that job and we couldn't be more stoked!

Rayne usually sells prototypes at the Boxing Day sale, but this year I could not help noticing that you went beyond the usual: the Mike Fitter Bro Model, the Excorcist became instant top boards in all online forums. Are you planning on releasing these any time soon?


Photo: Rayne Longboards

We usually do a bit of prototyping for the Boxing Day sale each year, and the 2014 year was no different! We were stoked at the response and how amped everyone was to get their hands on, and test a prototype deck! We get a lot of requests throughout the year about prototypes, and the sale is a rad time to let those who enjoy our gear test something unreleased for themselves. Only time will tell if any of those gems get released into the actual line up so definitely keep an eye out!


Finally: last year you rocked the fat bottom construction it was a unique development in the whole industry. Landyachtz "responded" with hollow tech. Is there something even cooler coming out this year?

Yeah, we are stoked on FatBottom tech for sure! Cutting weight while keeping stiffness was something we are always looking to do, and Fatbottom definitely allowed us to do that to some of the decks in our regular lineup as well as try it out on our DeeLite Series! Our DeeLite series of boards have been built in-house for years, and it was really cool to be able to make some of them even lighter by incorporatingFatBottom construction into an already light, composite board.